Saturday, 30 January 2010

Militia Member Quest

Hi meet again in this new post article. I believe that you have already following my last guidance in here about leveling from level 10 to 46, and  here about successor quest.  Now lets we continuing that quest, today i want to share about How to become militia member. Since this quests are interrelated with each other, so i recommended you to following my guidance step by step on above, before we go to the 4 hero quest on my next post, Otherwise you can not finish the whole major part of the Bale's Disappearance Quest where all of the quests that i have shared before are the parts of it. Ok lets we start now.

First we go to the Lime, and enter the militia home base to meet NPC Janet. Ask her that you want to become militia member. And she will tell you to meet NPC Jack beside her. Click on him and tell him your request, and he will give you the quest to meet NPC Cordelia on the Crude Dungeon.

I am hoping that you we're a;ready knew where is the NPC Cordelia location on the dungeon. If you do not know, hmm well, how am i explaining to you? Ok here's the clue. As you enter the dungeon, just walking straight follow the road, as you see the first right turn, then you turn right, follow again the road until you find first left turn. Turn left there, walk a few walk and turn left again. Go straight until end of the road and turn left, there you go NPC. Cordelia location is in front of a big stone in the center of dungeon.As you found her, click on her, and she will give you the return quest to give to NPC Jack again.

While you are still in this area i recommended you to a little bit walk again behind her, found the NPC Crushed Flower. Why? Its create considerable added value i guess to increase our reputation since reputation is important for our character. Walk behind NPC Cordelia, found the first right turn, and turn right, there is NPC Crushed flower, click on it until you get the quest (as usual see it on your inventory), and give it back to NPC Cordelia and you got fame. Its easy isn't it?

Ok, finished all of that two things, now its time for us to going back to the militia home base, meet NPC Jack again. Click on him, surrender the return quest, and you are now become militia member, Congratulation.

Ok lets we continue again with a little step to increase our reputation again. Here we go, click again on NPC Jack, asked him for job, and he will give you a job to deliver a letter to his brother NPC Azen on the Silon Militia Resort. I guess you are already known where is Silon Militia resort is as i already explain on my last post. On there, you find NPC Azen, delivered the letter and he will give you the reply letter to NPC Jack again. Now we go back to meet NPC Jack again, and you will earn extra fame again from NPC Jack, Congratulation.

Ok today guidance is over i have to go for Saturday night eve, see you on my next post article again, tha thaa.

Love SEAL^^


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Friday, 29 January 2010

NPC Berner Quest (Successor Quest)

Hi meet again in my new post. Today i want to share about Berner Quest. As you have following my guidance on the last post, now you are on level 46 already or more, its time for us to take this quest to increase our reputation on seal online. I recommended you to take this Quest first before you take the 4 heroes quest, because this quest is close related with 4 heroes quest as this quest continued with Successor Quest the Major part of the Trail of heroes quest and Bale disappearance quest.

Ok lets we start. First we go to the Citizen Militia resort on the Silon forest (look at coordinate B7 and B8 on the map in silon forest. Meet NPC Berner. Before you meet him you must bring one bottle of vodka (you can buy it from Merchant Vodka near him, and give to him. Then he will started to tell you that he is on going made a poem about history of light and darkness, and ask you to help him to ask on everybody around the resort about Duran where about.

Take that Quest and we begin to help him. Got the quest already? Here is the steps to do that Quest.

1. Go to Citizen Militia resort house, meet with NPC Elston. Click on him ask about Duran. Click again and there will be 8 options, click all options so you will know about the story and finally ask why Duran left Militia and you got Elston story (see on your inventory).

2. After Got Elston story, go to NPC Prell choose all option until you got Prell story.

3. Got that 2 stories, back to NPC Berner again, delivered / tell him these stories.

4. Back again to the Resort house again, go directly to the right wing of the house there is a Q sign called blood stain Q. Click on it, after the remarks appear, go to the NPC Sohn ask him about the blood stain until you got Sohn Story.

5. Back to NPC Berner again to delivered the story.

6. After delivered the story, go back again to NPC SOHN asked him who else known about Duran. He will tell you there's a Gypsies in the middle of cave.

7. After you hear about that, you Go to the NPC Collins (beside NPC Berner) click option no 2, and choose no 2 again sweetly talk with him and steal the pass document.

8. After you got the document then go to the house again to meet NPC Graham/Greynum in Seal Indonesia, click on him ask about Duran. Click on Him again and ask Duran again, tell him that you are writing a poem and you will get the Story from him. Click again on him tell him that you want to go to the cave in southern of citizen militia. After you got the permit pass, back again to the NPC Berner, to deliverer the story.

9. Now its time to enter the cave. The cave location is nearby the NPC Berner. Click the NPC Guard, show him the pass and you will enter the cave by click on the warp.

10. Inside the cave take the right street first, at the first left branch we take turn left, and follow the street until you found water/ flood on the street, following that way and on the 2nd left street we turn left, go straight until passing the first left branch, and turn left on the second left branch and you will find a square field with warp on the middle of it called save area.

11. At the save area you will find NPC Dark Hair Kid. Click on him, ask about Duran. But he asked you to bring the head of warrior of darkness out side the save area. So you get out from save area and kill one of that warrior of darkness, got the head and surrender it to the kid inside the save area.

12. Click on the kid again to surrender it, and click again choose all option until you got the SUCCESSOR QUEST.

13. After you got the SUCCESSOR QUEST, now its time for you to go meet NPC ARUS at the TAVERN/BAR in the Elim town. After you found him, click on him asked about the boy. Chose i want the truth and you will get Q from him Letter to be sent to the boy.

14. Go back again to the cave. Before you enter the cave its better for you to surrender the boy story to the NPC Berner, and tell him that there is no more stories, and tou will get 590 Fame reputation, Congratz.

15. Ok lets we enter the cave and meet the boy. He will admit that he is Yesod the 9th ELIM. Continue to click on him, choose all option until you get Galadriel's name.

16. Back to NPC ARUS, choose complete the Quest, first choose discuss Yesod and you will get the Lion Crest Emoticon (see on your emoticon on skill tab).
After that clisk on him again, and you will get fame again and finish the Successor Quest. Congratulation.

Now its time for you to go back again to Yesod, tell him Arus Thanks and you will earn extra Fame reputation again.

Ok all, until here first, meet me again on my next post article. Tha thaa..

Love SEAL^^

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Seal Online Leveling Guide From Level 10 to Level 46

Hi meet again on this new post. Today I want to share about my experiences about leveling our character from level 10 to level 46. Why i share from level 10? Because i have share before here my guidance on fast way to leveling from level 0 to level 10 and get Quick reputation from Baby (Beggar on Seal International) to Brute.

Maybe you are asking me why i only share from level 10 to 46? The truth is beside i do make this guidance for all of you, i do re leveling again with my new character on Seal online USA as i have describe here to re test and applied on my self also weather this guidance is still up to date for me and all of you or is there anything i left behind because i am forgotten already on the skill jobs that i have taken so far, and above all that, i want to give you the best thing that i can share based to my experiences so far.

Also beside that, on level 46 you can update/increase your reputation from brute to recruit by doing jobs on the high central mission quest manager in Zaid Town.

This time i re begin again from level 0, for my first Character in this new ID i am choosing Craftsman Job. Why i choose that one? Its necessary for us because craftsman need less cost to hunt instead of my favorite character Clown/Jester Character. Beside that when we got equipments, armours, and weapons from the bale we can direct Appraise that things, hopefully i am lucky enough to get good option from appraise it. If got a good option on it, we can use it for our next character or self using it on this character. About this craftman skill, i will post it on my next acrticle someday.

Ok, lets we begin. After i done my first leveling step, i went hunting in Silon Forest hunting Red Plumber. This is the first important part for me to hunt because i am looking for Bat Guy Mask (BGM), Jewelery (Crystal Ruby), and also weapons and armour that suit and use by your character on certain level, and hard shell (sturdy shell) for me doing first quest in low quest manager to increase my reputation from brute to vandal.

BGM is important for any jobs in shiltz especially if we got a good option on it such as attack speed ASPD (best is ASPD 10 hehehe) that will increase our character attacking speed, if we have bad option just give it to the our pet so that pet will grow up quick. About this pet, (you can see on the lowest right corner on screen shoot) please beware and pay attention to feed it up when it hungry, otherwise it will died and you gonna loose the opportunity to raised and make the perfect pet to accompany you during your adventure on seal online.

And also you can (if we have no money (cegel)) sell that good option BGM, and Jewelery on the market in town (by opening seller kiosk on your basic skill) with a good prize of course, so you earn your first big cegel. Please DO NOT SELL that Good item things and Jewelery on the street merchant because if you sell it on her, you will lost your opportunity to get big cegel wkwkwkkw.

This is my first way to earn big Cegel on the game beside i am always collecting all of the garbage dropped by the bale to sell it on the street merchant to buy my potion (blood) at one blow. Alwyas remember that you have to always collecting all the garbage to earn cegel for your existing in the game. Ok, after i Got my BGM and Jewelery, i sell it on the market. After that i am continuing my leveling there until level 20.

After reach 20 i do my first quest to the lower central mission in town (i Chose Elim) to increase my reputation by surrendering the 300 hardshell that i have got before and get Vandal reputation. After that i deviated slightly from my guidance to the Travia Valley hunting Cranky Rooster seek for chicken costume for my next character clown/jester. Do you know why? Because i am start over again from the earlier beginning with no cegel at all to buy anything on the market, so i have to re applied it again to my self as my explanation above.

Got that things, then i move to the Upstream of Mimir River hunting for Flying Pig seek for Batwings which is also important to increase our attack speed. You can Imagine how hard this little craftsman job to support and build my jester hahaha... that's why craftsman is also very important character in all of my ID because of its many useful function. If this craftsman has reach a certain level, it can help you to make or refine your armours, weapons, or accessory such BGM, Necklace to a premium class G/DG/XG.

Ok back to the topic, After i got both of them, i am moving back again to the midstream of mimir river. Hunting for Happy Bah Bah, Gloomy Humbug, Crow, Forest Ogre, Traveling Cat in Boots, Glora and Flora to seek for Ruby, Crystal, necklace crow for my jester, piya egg to sell, who knows if i am lucky get the very rare cats boots wkwkkw, 4 leaf clover, mithril and also Eye ball. That last three things is for my next quest on level 46 to increase my reputation from vandal to recruit. Why i keep doing this hunting method on this area until level 46 instead of moving as i have describe here? The Answer is because i need to earn and raise my cegel for my existing on the game in my new ID. And on this hunting spot is more easy to get the ruby and crystal, and also collecting garbage for my high level quest on Zaid town.

On Level 46, i goes to Zaid Town to take jobs on high level quest manager by surrendering the Eyes item which i got from the crow only. There are many item you can choose to surrender on the quest, such as Bones from skullo at the clement mine, titanium from golden plunger in the west laymok forest, mithrill and 4 leaf clover from forest ogre, steel plate from steel golem on the ends land. That is my favorite item for Quest. You dont have to hunt for that items if you have cegel, just buy it from the market, and complete that quest until you got reputation to recruit.

The Conclusion :

On this article post i teach and guide you how to fast leveling, earn cegel and also having easy raise character reputation in one shoot from level 10 to level 46.

About how to reach Greenhorn reputation, i will posted again on the next time. See you all, i hope this teach and guidance is useful for your succeeded on the first step.

Tha thaa
Love Seal^^

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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Seal Online Reputation List Table Rank

Hi Meet again on this new post, on this post i want to introduce you the reputation rank list on Sealonline MMORPG. Firstly when we were building/create our character, the reputation beginning reputation is Baby. And how to increased our first level to level 10 and reputation  from baby to brute i have posted on my earlier post here. Read that first and enjoy the game. Ok talk less, Hereby, i share the Reputation List Table as far as i know based on my experience.

Why the reputation rank is important for us? Because it's closely related with our penalty if our character is dead or unconscious on the battle against monster. You can imagine how much our experience (exp) lost if we lost the battle. The higher level of your character you need the higher value of exp you must gain to level up, so if we dead, the higher exp value also will get lost, imagine it. My Highest level character is on level 220, and you know what value i must gain to level up? It's Billions not millions or hundred millions exp any more wkkwkwkwkw.

On this post i only share reputation rank until Berserker, because my highest reputation rank character is only can reach Berserker Reputation, enjoy it.






6% Exp Penalty
















5% Exp Penalty







4% Exp Penalty







3% Exp Penalty











1% Exp Penalty





About how to increase our reputation based on the list above, i will guide you step by step on my next post article. Ok see you again on my next post article, thaa...
Love SEAL^^

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Seal Online Game Client Download

Hi, Meet again on my new post friends and visitor. I have been questioned by my friend Master Go Master who is searching for Download the Game Client and Jho who asking for the computer spec requirement to play Seal Online. Answering for that Question, first, i am asking for apologize because i've thought that you are already had the game client id and know the spec of computer to enjoy the game.
Well, answer that question hereby i give you the link to download the game client and also the remarks on computer spec.

Since i am only playing Seal Online Indonesia and Seal Online USA (International), so it makes me only knew 2 links to download. Before you download on which one did you choose to play first you must register your self to its game provider.

1. For playing Indonesian Seal Online, you have to register at Lyto Game here. This Seal Online Indonesia can only play for those who lived in Indonesia Only. For you who lived outside i recommended you to play Seal Online USA (International) like i did now.

2. For playing Seal Online USA (International) you have to register at Seal Online DONTBLYNK here. This game can played by everyone around the world.

After you completed the registration, please activate it and start do the game client download.

3. For Seal Online Indonesia you can download in Here.

4. For Seal Online USA (International) you can download in Here.

After you have successfully download, please install it on your computer, and click the Seal Online Icon on your desktop (It suppose to be in desktop after complete install), and there will be Run the Patch Screen such as these bellow for Seal Online Indonesia.

And this patch screen bellow for Seal Online USA (International)

After the patch screen run, let it work to download the full version of the current condition on the game. It takes time of course, please be passion, because if its not complete yet, you can't click the Game Start button (see first patch screen picture show gray). The first picture showed that the patch run process can not work because i live in abroad so i can't enter the Seal Online Indonesia, Indonesia server reject foreign IP, so the patch screen can't run (see the black bar bellow beside Seal Online Logo on the 1st picture) that's why me and you who lived outside Indonesia can't play Seal Online Indonesia.

The second Patch picture above is Seal Online USA (International) showed condition after the patch process were completed. You can see the patch bar was filled out with red color, the Start game button appear, all you have to do is just press the Game start button, and you will enter the Seal Online world. 

Important Note: How To Play Seal Online USA? Well, if we play Seal Online USA, after the completed patch you must log in via its website Here  see the picture bellow.

On the left side bar you can see the Log In field. Log in there first and after it you just click the Game Start button above the Log in field, then the patch screen will appear.

Ok this is my guide to download and play Seal Online, Thank you very much for your passions and Questions. Happy Trying, and if there's anything else you want to ask just write down on the comment form bellow. Thank you.

PS: To all of my friends and Old Friends in Indonesia, If you having difficulty on Download the Client ID of Seal Online USA, just click here for assistance.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Seal Online 7 Dimension Quest

Hi all, meet me again on this first post on this New year 2010. In this New Year Spirit, today i want to share about my tips and trick again, as usual this is based on my self experience.
Today topic is about Quest on 7 Dimension. This Quest can be executed if you are minimum level 90 and above, but i recommend you to have it on minimum level 95 if you are alone doing this quest, but if you are with a group with a higher level friends, it's never mind you do it in level 90, because the hardest thing on this quest is in the Cross forest to learn wood element.

The first step you should do is go to the beggar in the middle of every town on shiltz. But i think it would be easier for you to buy element quest item on the market (Elim,etc). If you not ready with those element then you must hunt on every element area that's already open to you as i mention here on step 7 bellow..

Step 1:
Go to the NPC Beggar, click and choose no 5, i want to ask for something, then choose i want to be a hero. if you had the quest icon on your inventory, then you go to the 7 dimension area in Travia Mountain and meet the NPC Guru. Talk to him and you will be given a quest to Herkaus forest to meet with Herkaus him self. Before he give you the way to continue this quest, you must to finish the 4 hero quest, minimum until step the successor quest from NPC Benner on Silon Militia and your reputation is Thug.

Step 2:
Ok lets continue if you had finished the successor quest, now click herkaus, and he will order you to kill hard momo (radish) near his house, and give it to him, you clik the Q sign, give him a drink and he will ordre you to go to the Clement mine 3rd floor for learn fire element.

Step 3:
On the 3rd floor of the Clement Mine, you will find the Q sign, click it and you will be ordered to go to the Cross Lake for learn water element.

Step 4:
The Q sign on the Cross lake is located near the catfish. Click on it and the next step is go to the Cross Forest to learn wood element. This Q sign is located at the end of Cross forest around Mariel and Gariel. Click on it and you will be ordered to go to the NPC Theo at the blacksmith store to learn metal element.

Step 5:
At the NPC Theo, asked him to teach metal element, after that he will told you to go to Sevis town to meet NPC Dean to learn soil element.

Step 6:
Talk to NPC Dean, and after you learned from him, go back to the NPC Guru,

Step 7:
Go Back again to guru, and you will be order to collect 20 element of each element. You can get it on the market at Elim or go hunting on which dimension that he told you. Hand over the element, beginning from dark element, until last element. After you finished, ask him to give you a pass certificate, and he also will give you an element (randomly) for your weapons.

Step 8:
After you get the certificate, hand over it to the NPC Beggar and he will give you reward 2000/3000 (i was forget how much) fame value. Its good for adding your value to reach the higher reputation.

The advantage of this Quest is you add your fame, and also the Dimension area is already open for you to hunting and leveling.

Ok, see you on my next post. Tha thaa.

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