Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Seal Online 7 Dimension Quest

Hi all, meet me again on this first post on this New year 2010. In this New Year Spirit, today i want to share about my tips and trick again, as usual this is based on my self experience.
Today topic is about Quest on 7 Dimension. This Quest can be executed if you are minimum level 90 and above, but i recommend you to have it on minimum level 95 if you are alone doing this quest, but if you are with a group with a higher level friends, it's never mind you do it in level 90, because the hardest thing on this quest is in the Cross forest to learn wood element.

The first step you should do is go to the beggar in the middle of every town on shiltz. But i think it would be easier for you to buy element quest item on the market (Elim,etc). If you not ready with those element then you must hunt on every element area that's already open to you as i mention here on step 7 bellow..

Step 1:
Go to the NPC Beggar, click and choose no 5, i want to ask for something, then choose i want to be a hero. if you had the quest icon on your inventory, then you go to the 7 dimension area in Travia Mountain and meet the NPC Guru. Talk to him and you will be given a quest to Herkaus forest to meet with Herkaus him self. Before he give you the way to continue this quest, you must to finish the 4 hero quest, minimum until step the successor quest from NPC Benner on Silon Militia and your reputation is Thug.

Step 2:
Ok lets continue if you had finished the successor quest, now click herkaus, and he will order you to kill hard momo (radish) near his house, and give it to him, you clik the Q sign, give him a drink and he will ordre you to go to the Clement mine 3rd floor for learn fire element.

Step 3:
On the 3rd floor of the Clement Mine, you will find the Q sign, click it and you will be ordered to go to the Cross Lake for learn water element.

Step 4:
The Q sign on the Cross lake is located near the catfish. Click on it and the next step is go to the Cross Forest to learn wood element. This Q sign is located at the end of Cross forest around Mariel and Gariel. Click on it and you will be ordered to go to the NPC Theo at the blacksmith store to learn metal element.

Step 5:
At the NPC Theo, asked him to teach metal element, after that he will told you to go to Sevis town to meet NPC Dean to learn soil element.

Step 6:
Talk to NPC Dean, and after you learned from him, go back to the NPC Guru,

Step 7:
Go Back again to guru, and you will be order to collect 20 element of each element. You can get it on the market at Elim or go hunting on which dimension that he told you. Hand over the element, beginning from dark element, until last element. After you finished, ask him to give you a pass certificate, and he also will give you an element (randomly) for your weapons.

Step 8:
After you get the certificate, hand over it to the NPC Beggar and he will give you reward 2000/3000 (i was forget how much) fame value. Its good for adding your value to reach the higher reputation.

The advantage of this Quest is you add your fame, and also the Dimension area is already open for you to hunting and leveling.

Ok, see you on my next post. Tha thaa.


amelia said...

Wow.. You're really into seal online.. I've stopped playing this game since last 2 years ago.

Nice job buddy ^_^

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

Thank you Amel, i love this game

moenas said...

Setoran datang

jho said...

Klo boleh tanya, spesifikasi koneksi untuk main game ini harus berapa yah??. thx :)

masterGOmaster said...

I am looking for the download button ... which side

Rizky2009 said...

wah keren nih kayanya gamenya

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

Dear Friend Master Go Master and Jho, i am sorry i haven't post it. I am forget that maybe amoung my visitors and friends doesnt know about this game yet. Your Question are really good. I will posted soon to answer that. Thank you My dear Friends.

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

@ Rizky 2009, makasih atas commentnnya. wkwkkw iyalah kalau ga keren dan menarik mana mau aku maininnya wkwkkwkw. Makasih Yaa Rizky.

umar said...

waw seal online i like this .
gw waktu itu main gini sampe lv 125 make mage keren keren tapi sekarang harga cagelnya nurun jadi gak minat lagi

komen balik ya

Visitors said...

ngomong-2 lv brp charmu!! maen di server mana?!

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

@Umar and @ visitor makasih yaa. Di Indo aku di Duran servernya.

Peluang Usaha said...

Well written post, thanks

keylogger said...

Wow, I found this topic particularly interesting.


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