Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Sealonline PLUS USA begin today

Hi meet me again on this new post. How are you everyone? Hopefully you are in a good conditions like me... As i have mentioned in the tittle of this post, today is the beginning of a new era of Sealonline USA marked by the ending of  Sealonline Evolution Saga, and begin the new journey in Sealonline Plus and its called Sealonline Eternal Destiny.

There are many new features in Sealonline Plus USA (Eternal Destiny) as i have been describe on my earlier post here, here and here. The New one of the feature is CATACOMBS, Raiding System, Market Feature and Polymorph.

The Catacombs is a new PVP arena where players can test their might and skills. Players can form teams and head down to the treacherous realm to battle. This new area will allow players to use strategy and outsmart their opponents. Wow Interesting isn't it?

Introducing cross server interaction and play, Called Raiding system. In this feature, Players will be able to make transactions with players of other servers and will be able to group with them in giant groups called raids. Prepare your selves to take on the new dangers and challenges with other members of Shiltz!

Introducing the new Market feature with the new search function will allow players to look for specific items within the kiosk market. Players will have the ability to compare and sell at competitive prices. This new feature will allow players to quickly find what they want, when they want, or when to sell.

Polymorph. The high magic council has conjured up precious potions for players to
consume to transform them into creatures that inhabit the Shiltzian universe! Become a Bale and disguise yourself as a minion.

Very very interesting new feature that i can't hardly wait to try, isn't it? But..., we have to be patient for a while, because from today September 28, 2010 approximately 4 hours from now, Sealonline USA server will be close and shoutdown for the preparation and will be back Online again on October 5th, 2010 with the new theme of Sealonline USA MMORPG, the Sealonline Plus ETERNAL DESTINY.

Ok, i guess its enough for today, see you on my next post again, thaa...

Love SEAL^^


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