Friday, 30 October 2009

Fast way to level up from level 1 to 10

Hello again, long time i can't do posting and blog walking b'coz of our internet connectionn throughout the country is being banned wkwkkwkw. Ok This time i want to share about the fast way to level up as mentioned on the tittle above.
First after we create our character as I mentioned on the earlier post, we go to the wagon driver, ask him to move us to town of lime. Then in town of lime we go to the NPC FLORA grandma.

Ask her to read the story tale, (this is the first quest for a beginner).After we had the Quest (see on your inventory) we go the the lime library to lend the book.

Ask the NPC Kant to lend the book for the grandma. There are 5 books if i  am not mistaken, take it one by one, bcoz you have to go here again for 5 times back from grandma to NPC Kant. Ok, lets continue, Take 1st book first, bring it to the grandma, ask her to read it for you, and first quest is clear.

After 1st Quest is clear, click again on the grandma, ask her to tell the same, go again to the library, back again to grandma. to read it again for you. Repeat this procedure until the book that we lend from the library is not available again, if I am not wrong we repeat this until 5 times.
After all of 5 quest is finished, we go to the Adel, by foot if we don’t have money to use the wagon driver.The question is which way to go from Lime to Madelin by foot? Well, the direction to go to Madelin is via Silon Forest (see on your up right corner of your screen there is a map, go to the coordinate A5 if i am not mistaken to the Silon Forest Warp. Be Carreful, bcoz your character is on level 3, beware of the monsters/bales along the way, (see the picture below) Just play hide and seek wkwkwkwk.

As you enter the Silon Forest warp, you see the map and go to the coordinate C1, direction to Adel. If we have money (cegel), then use wagon driver to go to madelin town. On the Madelin town search for the Adel Warp on your map, then you can easily reach the Adel.

After we reach the Adel, go to the centre of Adel (coordinate C6) search for NPC Adel Sign, click on it, and follow the story. Finished follow the story, you got  level up again.

After that we go to the NPC Yimoth, ask him to tell the story from the book that was already spread around the adel (7 Books). After we collected the books, then we go back to yimoth and ask him to read it for us one by one.

After completed and you got the level up, go to NPC Anna (behind Yimoth) tell her that you will help her, and you the 1st mission from her (First mission is chocolate cake or peanut butter cake, i dont quite remember which one of them).

Ok, lets continue, we go back again to the  Lime Library, take the Anna book1, then back again to Adel, surrender the book to Anna, and you got the rewards, and level up. Then Click again on Anna, offer her again for the same. Then you will get the second mission to the library of the  Elim town.How to go to Elim Town? Easy, go to the wagon driver if we had cegel wkwkwkwk,  or by foot again hahaha..., suppose if by foot, then go back to the madelin from adel,  in madelin, go to the warp upstream of glasis river, to go to the elim town, be careful also, there are bales out there.

On the Elim town go to the library (coordinate E4) take the book, and go back to adel. Surrender the book to Anna and level up. After that click once again to her, and bingo…, you have reach the level 10 with reputation brute and got the emoticon book.

Ok all until here first, i am tired, happy trying, and see you in the next post, byeee….!!!

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Sealonline Image Collection

This is a image collection of all of my characters and my friends characters on sealonline, Enjoy it. Thank you.

I am one of the ID Seal Lovers Live In Abroad Now, I Miss You All, will be back in the game someday soon

I am member of Guild NOLIMITZ Forever and Beginerlovers Duran Server

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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Job Classes in Sealonline (basic)

Hi welcome again in my new posting. In this occasion i would continuing the last post about the background story of sealonline. Ok shall we begin now?

This posting is about how can we help protecting the shiltz. In the last post as you have read it certainly, we have to help protect the shiltz. So in this game there are several basic classes. You can choose which one is fit with your taste.

First we made our character, name it with what your desired, chose the job classes, and determine which places is your first born. My tips in this is chose in Newbie town, why? I will explain it in my next post ok? Once before at Sealonline premiere launch the beginner class is cannot change their job to our desired wants if our level is not yet reach level 10. But In this new edition, we can determine our desired classes since our character were build/born.

As an Example picture above, directly change to basic class cleric in sealonline Indonesia. This Job is not a killer job, but it is a support job, that's why this job is a weak but gain experience (XP) level is high. So this Job is cannot self hunting, but must be in group/party with at least 2 or 3 person (cleric and other killer type job), so this cleric only received XP from those who fight in hunting. The advantage of using cleric when we are hunting is that the cleric can heal our blood level. Sometimes when we are in a hunting condition we are forget to regenerate our blood. That cleric job is to replace our self to regenerate our blood.

2nd Job is Knight. Its a killer type with specific ability in are destruction or single destruction. This also known as a short range attack. Knight is known for its high defense but a little bit slow in its movement and run ability.

3rd Job is Warrior. Its a killer type also with specific ability in short range attack, one by one but with high damage to the monster, but less or weak in defense. The advantage is this warrior is a quick in moving and fast run.

4th job is Magician. Its also a killer type with a long range attack, using magic as it weapons, so it make a powerful damage, but it has a slow moving and run, and also weak in defense.

5th job is clown or jester. This is my favorite job so far, it is a long range quick attack, powerful damage, and also fast moving and quick run, but a little weak in defense.

6th job is Craftman. This is not a killer type, its known as a support to the other job. It can made/ create weapons, armours, and even bomb that can be use to the other job. It has a short range attack, not powerful enough, but if this job can reach level 150 it makes a powerful killer also.

Ok i think its enough now for this moment, see you on my other post thaa....

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Friday, 2 October 2009

Seal Online the background story

Before i write about my self experiences in the seal online game, i think i better explain the background story about sealonline first.
I think many of you has known before about the story i guess, but i will write again here the small resume about it, so i can make posting step by step.

It began in 7000 years ago, it was the days of peace on Shiltz (our World in the story background) between human and the bale (monster) in the world. However, the peace does not run smoothly, and it ended on a split between the two sides, the human finally managed to (SEAL / sealing) Bale into a dimension time.

As the time goes by, the locking bale dimensions were open, and triggered the imaginable war between them. So as an adventurer, we has to return to the past and find out the history of the war. Our main mission is to find a way to lock and resealed the Bale in the Shiltz world. So, the Shiltz world peace is in our hands.

Thats is my small resume about this game. Until my next post again, thaa...

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Deep Condolence

As you seen in the news all over the world, there is a natural disasters there on my country in Padang, caused around 700 people dead, the united nation predict about 1.100 people victims, hereby i am send my Deep Condolence over this tragedy, hopefully resilient in the face of this ordeal, and for those whom has lost their life, may God received them on His side, Amien.

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