Saturday, 28 November 2009

Seal Online Basic Skill (Knight) Multi Area Destruction

Hello dear, meet me again. As i mentioned in the earlier post on this knight skill issue, here we continue again.Today we are talking about the knight multi area destruction skill.

I recommended you to use this skill after you reach level 60 or more is better. Yes its true if you assuming by using the multi area attack we can get much monster to attack, but after i observed, using this skill is need much time to kill the monster, because the damage that we are produce is not big as a single attack, that's why it takes more time to complete kill because our character is still in the low level, not gain much damage power.

To use this skill is the same as i written on the last post but after the complete cavalry just take the first skill of area attack Holly Cross until level 3.

After you had Holly cross level 3, then take the Grand cross until level 5.

After your Grand cross level 5, then take this deadly cross until level 10. As the result if your Holly cross has reach the maximum level 10, you will be a really knight of the basic skill. The Result can be seen on the pictures bellow :

This picture above is when we are in perfect skill the Heavenly cross level 10

Ok dear friend and visitor, i hope this tutorial and guidance will help you to know and learn the skill on the Seal Online MMORPG game. Good luck, see you on my next post. Tha thaa...

Love SEAL^^

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Friday, 27 November 2009

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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Seal Online Basic Skill (Knight) Single Area Destruction

Hello dear, meet me again in my new post. This time i want to inform you about the basic skill of each job classes, one by one on the different post. On this post i want to inform, share, and give my guidance with trips and trick as far as i know, as usual base on my experiences. Today my guidance is on Knight Job Basic skill single area destruction.

As I mentioned in earlier post, Knight is the strongest job class in seal online. Knight Skill is divided into 2 specialist ability. One is multi area attack ability, one other is single area attack ability. Bot of them has a special in their ability. Lets we shared one by one.

On the picture above this is the knight with single area attack ability skill. If you preferred to choose knight job for your character, i recommended that you are using this skill first. Why? Because this single type attack is gain power enough that makes your character is fast up leveling on the advanture. I have tried the two type of knight on my character collections and knight with the single area attack is much easy to level up. I am using this type until it reach level 60, so after level 60 you can reset your skill to the NPC Morphis if you want to convert from the single area attack skill to the multi area attack ability.

This is the skill of single area attack : Firstly you must go to the tavern of practice to meet NPC Rondo to take and complete the very basic skill, sword combo. Raised it until level reach minimum level 3, then take the skill cavalry until level 5. After that you take the first skill in single area attack, Impact Crash and after you have enough skill point level up the skill until level 3.

After you complete the Impact crash level 3, then take the second skill of single area attack, Impact Explosion. Please remember, you must go for hunting every time you take your new skill to gain SP (skill point), because we need the SP for such amount to level up our skill. By doing hunting you gain 3 SP each your character is level up. So the more we are hunting the more we gain the SP from each level up. After you finished the skill until level 5, your character is reach level 60 now. Now you must determine which one is your concern, go ahead with the single area skill or reset and change your skill.

The picture above is the next skill if you want to go ahead without reset your skill to convert to the multi area attack skill. This is the 3rd skill. And repeat and follow the instruction above until you get the level 5 again and take the last skill of single area destruction attack.

Ok, Now i want to share about the other skill, that is multi area destruction attack, but, wait on my next post wkwkwkkwkw. It's already 1.45 am in the morning now i have to sleep first. See you on my next post  Seal Online basic skill (knight) multi area destruction. Tha thaa...

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Friday, 13 November 2009

Seal Online Combo Hits (Basic)

Hi Friend and visitor, meet me again on my new post. Today i want to share my experiences and introduce and teach you about combo hits on Sealonline MMORPG. This combo is very effective for our character until level (average) 20++, because after level 30, every class has it's own skill that more attractive of using it than combo's except for warrior class, because the warrior class is rather to use combo than skill, and warrior combo's is known is very deadly especially for warrior with the high level which has learn 2nd grand combo skill. I will explain about it and other class skill in my next post.

Ok then, lets we continue again. Do you know what the combo's is? Combo is the basic skill on every class to attack monster or to having duel fight PVP (Player Versus Player) on the game. For your information, one of the interesting features of Seal Online is combo attack which enables each of character to launch attack with its own different style. Its produces enough power strong to attack.

The question is, How to use it? Well, it's very easy. Simply by hit the 'A', 'S', and 'D' button in the Keyboard, and they will launched the combo. But, we have to know what is the variation way to hit the button. And if we done right way of the variation button hit, our character will be able to make a powerful attack to defeat monsters or other character in PVP duel. In every successful combo attack, our character will automatically screamed the names of the issuance of combo attacks which is different screamed on every class. But remember, we have to see in our combo skill setting must reach level 5 to launched the perfectly combo attack. See it on character skill button first.

If your character has reach level 5 in master combo skill, hereby, i give you the variation of the button hit to launch the combo:

Basic Combo :
A-S-AS (3 Hit)
A-D-AD (3 Hit)
S-D-SD (3 Hit)
D-S-A-AD (4 Hit)
A-S-A-A-AD (5 Hit)
A-S-D-D-AS (6 Hit)
AD-A-S-S-D-SD (6 Hit)
A-A-S-S-D-D-AD (7 Hit)
A-S-D-A-S-D-SD (7 Hit)
A-S-A-A-A-A-S (7 Hit)
D-A-D-S-S-S-AS (7 Hit)
D-S-A-D-S-A-D (7 Hit)
S-D-D-A-A-S-S-D-D-A-S-AD (12 Hit)

Remarks : the - mean is you have to put an extra millisecond before hit the next button. Dont do straight hit for example ADSD, because by the way you do that, the combo will not be launched. The right way to hit is just like this A D S D . For the command of AD DS AD AS AD ASD mean is straight hit AD then straight DS, AD AS AD then straight ASD. I hope you will learn and understand enough for my explaination here.

Ok dear, i thing it's enough for this moment, have a nice try. See You again on my next tutorial post. Tha thaaaaaaaa......

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