Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Seal Online USA, is the best

Hi Meet me again in this new post regarding my experiences in seal online mmorpg game, for today i want to share my experiences in Seal Online USA.

Why i said that Seal Online USA is the best so far? Because according to my experiences there and also a statement from the Game Master(GM)in Seal online USA Jikmaru, in my other website beginerlovers the game is very fair to play, no cheat, friendly environment, GM is always online 24h/day and could be contacted by whispering and its very enjoy to leveling. Here's i quote what he said.
Quote :
"Hello, I am the game master from Seal Online USA! I would like to thank you for letting me join your blogsite! I hope that many of you will try Seal Online USA so I can meet you all! I make sure the entire game is clean and free from cheats so play fair and with confidence. I hope to see you all soon someday in Seal Online USA."

Seal Online USA is a prospect for us for leveling with more new map and dungeon. more bales and also its entering the new update not seal online reload again but seal online plus.

With 1,5 x exp and 2x drops all the time, makes our characters more faster in leveling and having more change to get item or jewelery from dropping by bale's its more prospect for us to gain money (cegels) from the game. And don't forget, there are many events each week and month with delicious rewards for us.

And also Seal Online USA is equipped with all feature such as teleport, PK server, etc, its very fun and enjoyable to having and raise our character in there.

For buying Blynks (Voucher) for the Item mall, its very easy to buy in Indonesia, i will posted about it in my next posts.

Want to try to play there? Just read my earlier post about seal online USA and How to play there, in Here, Here.

Ok see you again in my next post, happy trying and see you in seal online USA.

Love SEAL^^


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Monday, 15 March 2010

NPC Corpse in the air Quest

Hi all, meet again in this new post. Thank you for always waiting for my update, and this time i want to share about NPC Corpse in the air Quest. This quest is the next step after you done the 4 heroes quest. If you are not well done that 4 heroes quest i suggest you done it first, because its a pity if not. Why? Because this next step quest will increase your reputation from Greenhorn to Rookie easily.

Ok lets we continue. Did you still keep the Q from NPC Claire (Madame Recomendation Quest) as i have told you so on my last post about 4 heroes quest? I hope you are still keep it. Because this quest can be execute with that madame recomendation quest. Now lets we get to it. Please prepare for 11 pcs of magic powder and 1 pc of nixie scale, you can get them easily from killing nixie bale in upstream of glasis river (west of elim town), 2 pcs aleph cristal, you can get from killing aleph in ends world or buying in the market, and 2 pcs beargal, from bear in the east laywook forest, 3 pcs of milk buy from the tavern or bar.

All of the quest material is Ready now? Come on lets move on. First we go to Madelin town, to meet Amelia or Emilia in seal online indonesia (the servant of wise man Brandon or Markus in seal Indonesia). Give to her the letter from NPC Claire, and she will angry because the letter is fake or plain letter without any words. Do not to worry its a trick from her to test us. Then choose number 1 until you get Convicting Amelia/Emilia Quest in your inventory. Now we go to the church, located behind the house of Brandon. Meet NPC Erantes there, talk to her that you would to help her cook. After that, you talk to one of the children (Gypsy Kids) besides her and asked what they would like to eat. Keep on clicking until she said "I want Nixie Soup", because you only bring material for Nixie Soup.

After that you click on the NPC Kettle to cook a nixie soup. Oow dont forget to ask for a cup of water to NPC Erantes before cooking. Pour all of the material that NPC Kettle asked and Done. Give the food to the children and she will tell you that your food is tasty and she will tell the good thing about you to NPC Amelia/Emilia.

Back to NPC Amelia, and she will ask you for apology and she let you come in to the NPC Brandon/Markus Home. Meet with him inside the house, as usual i choose all option to know about the story, and he will give you a Quest of Corpse in the air quest in Clement mine 3rd floor. Getting out from his house meet the NPC Amelia/Emilia asked for Aleph Cristal (you got 3 now, keep it for the next quest).

Now we go to Zaid town, go to the clement mine. Before you enter the warp of clement mine there is a Travel Agent standing in front of the warp. Talk to her and she will summon you directly to the 3rd floor of the clement minem so you dont have to walk far away going inside the mine. At the 3rd floor you will see the Cross sign and Q sign, DO NOT GO THERE, because it's for the 7 rainbow Quest/Dimension Quest as i describe on my last post here, just walk through that and turn right, follow the street and at the end of the road there is NPC Corpse in the air standing.

Click on her, break the aleph cristal, and follow the story. After that walk back to the cross sign again, meet with the NPC Travel agent, ask her to sent you back to the front of warp clement mine. Now we go back to the NPC Brandon/markus house, and report to him what you saw there. Choose all option until you get Brandon/Markus answer. Got that, then you must going back to NPC D.End at the tower of training to report.

Meet NPC D.End, report to him, and he will told you to meet someone in Adel Monastery to find out if he saw NPC Arus hanging around there. Ok lets go to Adel, meet with NPC Greywind, click on him and he will asked you to bring Aleph Cristal. Click again, and he will give you a quest to deliver a mysterious drug to give to NPC Vivi in west of laywook forest. Go to her, located in the middle of west laymok forest on gypsy camp, surrender the drug and she will give you meat. You can eat that or give it to the pet Lol hahaha. Ok, click once again, asking for souvenir, and she will give you name card quest.

Back again to Adel, meet with NPC Greywind and he will give you Amulet of dismantlement to use on the Quest sign behind him (place with the strange force).
Click on it, break up the aleph cristal, follow the story. After it finish, going back to NPC D.End to report. After it he will give you a task (Not quest) to getting confident from NPC Arus by getting the lion crest from NPC Arus. Well, since we already have it before after doing successor quest (you can read here, all you have to do just meet with NPC Arus in the Tavern/Bar in Elim town, chose talk option, and about Lion Crest option.
. Then you going back again to report to the NPC D.End and he will give you Quest to observed something in West Laymok called Occur in laymok forest Quest. Its located nearby NPC Vivi Location.

To do this Quest i recommended you to having party minimum of 2 members (your self and other) if you are bellow level 90. Or if all member is below level 90, you must going with more member with Mage inside the party. Why? Because you have to beat 3 type of monster, spin x cor, Lizardman, and Hamariel. Mage is very useful for Lizardman coz its very thick. But, if you are having above level 90 (91 above) you dont have to beat the monster.

Here is the step:
1. Group or party bellow level 90.
Go to the laywook forest west, seek for the NPC Brainwashed Glora located in area of golden plumber. Click on it, chose option scaring with your weapons and enter the cave, beat the 3 monster, and the important is Hamariel, because Hamariel is only one. The Other is Hagariel. Be careful. After beating all, you will be summon to NPC Martin. See my Explanation bellow after step 2.

2. Group or party level 90 above.
Same as above, but you are not looking for NPC Brainwashed glora, but NPC Guard, located opposite from NPC Vivi. Ask your friend of level 90 above to talk with the guard by showing the Lion Crest, and the guard will let your friend to come in. Ask your friend to summon you inside. After you have been summon, walk straight until you find a big square where there is NPC Martin is standing.

After you (which way that you chose above) meet NPC Martin, He will stop you and tell you that this is too far. This place is called Door of Dimension rift, created by agreement between NPC Claire and the Bale, interesting, just click and follow the story until you got Door of Dimension Rift Quest.

Got that Quest now we go meet NPC Claire ind Elim Town. Meet her and she will mad at you, choose all option until you get the Blaze Crest from NPC Claire. Got the Crest, and we are going back to NPC D.end to report about it. After you report it, he will give you reward fame, increase your reputation from Greenhorn to Rookie and also give the next quest Gardel Mage Quest.

Congratulation on your new Reputation Rank, for the mean while lets we ended here first, keep the quest on your inventory, be passion, i will continuing again on the next posts. See you again and thank you for your time. Enjoy your leveling for the next quest because it need your higher level (100++) to beat the monster.

Tha thaa...

Love SEAL^^


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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How To Play In Sealonline USA (International)

Hi All, meet again in this new article. Today i want to talk about How To play in Seal Online USA. Why i upload this matters and need to be post here? Because many questions i have received about it and the most important questions are :

1. Why i always failed doing patch.
2. Why I Cant click game start button.
3. Why every time i start always appear error warning on the patch screen?
4. Is there any Banned Ip from any countries to play on seal online USA?
5. What is the best browser to play seal online USA?
6. I have already access the game through it website, but nothing happened. What should i do?

Well, before i answer that all i think you better read in my earlier post here about how to get the client id and create your account.

Well, here i try to answer as i know and as my eperiences. Here's my answer :

1. Why i always failed doing patch? To do patch you must use and need the internet connection line with high and stable speed. Why? See the picture bellow.
The full version of Seal Online USA is very big (for today version when this post upload is version 176. See what version yours is after you install the basic client id) and take space around 3GB on your hard disk, because it contains the complete version of map, feature and monster, very different from the client id in my country seal online Indonesia. If you are using stable but slow connection i can imagine it takes around 24-28 hours for complete patch. But for playing, you do not need the high speed connection. 128kbps is enough As long as you have big RAM (1GB Minimum) on your computer to prevent lag on the picture. So here, i suggest you to asking for help on your friends or players who already played, to copy on DVD disk from their computer and send it to you for delivery.

2. Why i Cant click game start button? Well first i asked you again, is it the button not appear or show error warning on patch screen? Are you already LOGIN with your ID and password? If the button not appear, my question is are you already doing the complete patch? If you don't yet the start button will not appear as i have already describe on my earlier post. Please Read here. For Error message on screen patch, please see my explain bellow. For LOGIN Problem see my explain on no 6 bellow.

3. Why every time i start always appear error warning on the patch screen? Hmm did you mean like this picture bellow?
Well if this error message appear, all you have to do is just select NO. Do not select YES. After you select NO the warning message will disappear, the background picture will appear and showing like the first picture above or bellow here.

4. Is there any Banned Ip from any countries to play on seal online USA? My answer on this question is, as far as i know there are no banned ip from any countries around the world, because SEAL ONLINE USA is served for everyone around the world, and my answer is NO.

5. What is the best browser to play seal online USA? Hmm for me, i am using Internet explorer to access and enter the game through it website as i describe how to play here. Why i preferred to use Internet Explorer? Because the Seal Online patch is based on Internet Explorer software. and i think better use the same software, that simple isn't it?  Once before i used Mozilla Firefox, but sometimes it became error, so i decided to use Internet Explorer, and there will be no error anymore until now.

6. I have already access the game through it website, but nothing happened. What should i do? Well, i explain here based on my experiences. Read my answer no 5 above, open blocked pop up on your browser settings so it can received pop up warning message. Here's the step you should do. When you reach seal online USA website there will be a warning from internet explorer to add additional plug in. Just click OK and install that additional plug in first. After that you just restart your browser, access again to the website, and fill your id and password (that you have already register before) on the up left section of website and click LOGIN. After you managed to LOGIN, just click GAME START Button above it,  the patch screen will appear and you just following my explain on no 2 and 3 above and begin to play.

OK i hope my explain here is useful and answer that questions, Good Luck, Happy trying, see you on SEAL ONLINE USA.

Love SEAL^^

PS: To all of my friends and Old Friends in Indonesia, If you having difficulty on Download the Client ID of Seal Online USA, just click here for assistance.


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