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4 Heroes Quest

Hi All, meet me again on my new post, after i take my vacation on Chinese Lunar New Year, gathering with my husband, children and Big Family here. Today, we are talking about the quest that will increase your fame reputation for around 13,6K. This is the post that all of you must be waiting for i guess wkwkkwkw. Ok, lets we begin.

First of all, as i have recommended before, i ask you to finished high level quest on zaid city until your fame reach recruit, otherwise you will loose the opportunity for a higher fame and reputation for your character on the seal online,
and the last two important here is done the NPC Berner Quest Successor, and become militia member otherwise you cant completed this quest, and for that i feel pity about it, ok?.

Now i assume that you have done all the quest and step that i have describe above, now we prepare to do this 4 heroes quest. All you have to do is preparing one single gold and one single silver. That 2 things you can get it on the market on elim or by killing bale crow in midstream of mimir river for the gold and samba cactus on travia mountain or when you are in silon dungeon kill the worm for silver. If you are already following my guidance on the last post here and here, you can easily found them.

Ok ready now? Here is the step by step. First you go to the training tower on elim or lime or zaid. Meet the NPC D.End. First Click choose number 2 and then 3. Click him again and after that go to the warp behind him to meet NPC Joan. Choose option that essentially want to help him. After that go to his right, meet NPC Irish,(Do not meet NPC Peterson on his left) tell her you want to help. After you talk to both of them, then go out by the warp there, and meet NPC D.end again to report. After that go to his right meet NPC D.Heroend, to report and collect the picture of 4 heroes, Duran, Baldea, Arus, and Claire. Got the 4 of it then lets go hunt for them.

Lets we take the easy step first ok?.
NPC Arus Signature

First easy step is meet NPC Arus at the Elim Tavern/Bar he is the black hair knight. To get his Signature, you must be at least has already done a quest from him, except you have done the Successor Quest, you can directly ask him to give his signature. If you never receive quest from him, just click on him, asking for a simple request. He will give you the simple request to meet NPC Shina the fortune teller in Madelin Town, and he will give you the gold/silver (i forgot haha) to give to NPC Shina. Her Location is behind the Tavern/Bar in Madelin city. Meet her, tell her his request, and she will give you the reply to give to NPC Arus. Going back to him in the tavern, surrender the answer/reply from her. Click on him again, asking for his signature and you got that signature. Congratulation.

NPC Claire Signature
Meet NPC Claire first. Her location in in North of Elim city, in front of the castle, she is the Noble Woman. There are 2 different way to get his signature depend on what type of your character is. For male character and female character.
For Male Character after you meet her, she will give you the quest to meet NPC Brandon in seal online USA (International) or Markus in seal online Indonesia in Madelin City, the quest name is Madam Recommendation. For this quest just keep it in your inventory, cause i will describe it later on next posts.
Click once again on her, ask her for her signature, and you got it. Congratulation.
For Female Character
After you meet her, she request you to investigate her husband. You know her husband already dont you? Its NPC Arus. Now back to the Tavern/Bar in Elim. If you click Directly he would talk to you. Then all you got to do is go to the Bartender, paying his bill. After that go to NPC Arus, and chose every option so you will know the story. Got that, back to NPC Claire and report. Clik again on her then you got the Madam Recommendation Quest, and save it as i describe above. Click once again on her, asking for her signature and you got it. Congratulation.

NPC Baldea Signature

Now meet NPC Baldea. Where is she? She is in Clement mine in Zaid city. I hope you have well known the area where the NPC Baldea location is. She is in front or before the location of coin quest (wiping out the ghost quest) from NPC Volten or NPC Hiswill in seal online Indonesia in the Tavern/Bar in the Zaid City.
If you do not know too, hmmm, ok read my post here. Ok I assume you have read and found her, Click on her, ask her for signature and you got it. Congratulation.

Note:,If you have the Quest from NPC Volten/Hiswill in your inventory, you cant find option ask for her signature on NPC Baldea. So i suggest you to throw away that quest, and after that there will be the signature option on it.

NPC Duran Signature

Now the last step is looking for NPC Duran. I assume you have already read my post about NPC Duran here here is the step to find him.

First we go to the Elim Tavern/Bar meet NPC Rosanne. Show the picture of Duran and ask her where Duran is. She will ask you a jewel for pay and you got Rosanne Jewelery Quest. Now you click on her again, give the silver, and she will told you to go to meet NPC Janet in the Militia Headquarter in Lime. Go there and meet her. Chose no 5, and then no 2, Ask her/show her picture of Duran she will ask you are you his enemy or friend/fans. Tell her that you are his friend/fans, and you got the emoticon Eagle Crest for a friendship mark. Please be note here you do not have to asked her for a job, cause it will make you stuck ok? Just do what i have mentioned above.

Now we go to meet NPC Slay. His location is behind the house of NPC Flora Grandma. Look at my post here if you do not know where is it. At NPC Slay, choose option no 1, speak. He will asked you to bring a gold for his weapon and get NPC Slay Request. Click on him again, give the gold and he will asked you where Duran is. Chose option Do not tell him, because its just a test from him. After that finish you will get Chilled Blue Liquor. You can Drink it or just give it to pet haha...

After that then going back to NPC Rosanne to report. Click on her, chose option number 3, and she will examine your task before, and you told her that NPC Janet is not giving you Duran Location, and at last she will promise you to meet Duran/give Duran signature and you got First Knight Quest.

Now you go to the Adel monastery, on there go to the Wagon Driver, and click any city destination, and you will brought to meet Duran. As you arrive there you are not meet with Duran, but with a NPC Lioner a bale as i describe here. Kill that Lioner and you got Duran signature. Congratulation.

Now you have already got the 4 Signature of them, then go out from there by talking to the guard there or by using scroll or teleport, and going back to the tower of training, report and surrender the signatures to NPC D.Heroend, and you got 900x4 fame reward. Finish surrender that, click again on him, choose number 1 and you will be rewarded again with 10K fame reputation, and your reputation is become Greenhorn now. Congratulation.

Ok, i guess you are understand, see you on my next posts on what next quest after the 4 heroes quest. Tha thaa....

Love SEAL^^


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NPC Duran Seal Online

Duran is a NPC character and the most important part in 4 heroes quest on Bale's disapearance sequence quest on seal online. What is Duran look likes?

We can found and meet Duran him self. We only meet with NPC Lioner as the embodiment of NPC Duran, and we got Duran signature from it, and also to solve the Baldea Letter Quest on clement mine which we sometimes get it when we are leveling in clement mine by surrender it to him. Do not trash it, its contain quite fame for increasing our reputation in seal online. But remember, you have to finish 4 heroes quest first to solve the baldea letter quest.

If you got that Baldea Letter Quest, just go to the Adel Monastery, click on the Wagon Driver to Lioner Cave to meet and surrender the Quest. I Hope this post will solve the questions on How to solve / finish the Baldea Letter Quest on Seal Online.

Tha thaa
Love SEAL^^


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NPC Baldea Seal Online

Hi. I made this special post because many of question i have receive asking where is her location, and it take long words to explain where is the NPC Baldea Location is. This NPC Baldea is one of the 4 heroes quest on seal online. Read carefully. If you do not found it too, just write it in comment form bellow or in the guest book.

OK, I will describe here as i remember wkwkkwkw. As you enter the clement mine, just follow the railway in there, until you found a junction. Turn right, take the right way until you find junction again on the right, enter it and turn left. Follow the road until you find the big square where the cave ogre monster around that area, take the right way always until you find such a broken bridge with illuminating light on it. Before that broken bridge, there is a junction on the left follow that junction until you find a branch road. Take the right road and follow it pass through any junction until you found a square again with ruthless skullo in the area, passing it until you find a big hole. Take the right road until found the junction and turn right. Follow that road passing by the square where there used to be ruthless skullo and General Scorpy there, and remember take the right side/way only and after that you will find NPC Baldea on the left.

Please be careful because sometime there is monster Knight Of Dead (KOD) appear on that area. Just hiding your self in a save place if you found it or you can't beat it LOL wkwkkwk.

Tha thaa
Love SEAL^^


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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Seal Online Intro Trailer Video

This is the Video Trailer About Seal Online. Watch this video to know about my favorite MMORPG game...

Why i posted this video here? Because i want all of my friends here know what is my site talking about, and introduce you how much i love this game wkwkkwkwkw. There are many more videos about seal online, all you have to do after the movie is ended just select another video icon on the screen. Ok Lets enjoy it together.

Tha thaa
Love SEAL^^


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