Friday, 2 October 2009

Seal Online the background story

Before i write about my self experiences in the seal online game, i think i better explain the background story about sealonline first.
I think many of you has known before about the story i guess, but i will write again here the small resume about it, so i can make posting step by step.

It began in 7000 years ago, it was the days of peace on Shiltz (our World in the story background) between human and the bale (monster) in the world. However, the peace does not run smoothly, and it ended on a split between the two sides, the human finally managed to (SEAL / sealing) Bale into a dimension time.

As the time goes by, the locking bale dimensions were open, and triggered the imaginable war between them. So as an adventurer, we has to return to the past and find out the history of the war. Our main mission is to find a way to lock and resealed the Bale in the Shiltz world. So, the Shiltz world peace is in our hands.

Thats is my small resume about this game. Until my next post again, thaa...


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