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Seal Online Leveling Guide From Level 10 to Level 46

Hi meet again on this new post. Today I want to share about my experiences about leveling our character from level 10 to level 46. Why i share from level 10? Because i have share before here my guidance on fast way to leveling from level 0 to level 10 and get Quick reputation from Baby (Beggar on Seal International) to Brute.

Maybe you are asking me why i only share from level 10 to 46? The truth is beside i do make this guidance for all of you, i do re leveling again with my new character on Seal online USA as i have describe here to re test and applied on my self also weather this guidance is still up to date for me and all of you or is there anything i left behind because i am forgotten already on the skill jobs that i have taken so far, and above all that, i want to give you the best thing that i can share based to my experiences so far.

Also beside that, on level 46 you can update/increase your reputation from brute to recruit by doing jobs on the high central mission quest manager in Zaid Town.

This time i re begin again from level 0, for my first Character in this new ID i am choosing Craftsman Job. Why i choose that one? Its necessary for us because craftsman need less cost to hunt instead of my favorite character Clown/Jester Character. Beside that when we got equipments, armours, and weapons from the bale we can direct Appraise that things, hopefully i am lucky enough to get good option from appraise it. If got a good option on it, we can use it for our next character or self using it on this character. About this craftman skill, i will post it on my next acrticle someday.

Ok, lets we begin. After i done my first leveling step, i went hunting in Silon Forest hunting Red Plumber. This is the first important part for me to hunt because i am looking for Bat Guy Mask (BGM), Jewelery (Crystal Ruby), and also weapons and armour that suit and use by your character on certain level, and hard shell (sturdy shell) for me doing first quest in low quest manager to increase my reputation from brute to vandal.

BGM is important for any jobs in shiltz especially if we got a good option on it such as attack speed ASPD (best is ASPD 10 hehehe) that will increase our character attacking speed, if we have bad option just give it to the our pet so that pet will grow up quick. About this pet, (you can see on the lowest right corner on screen shoot) please beware and pay attention to feed it up when it hungry, otherwise it will died and you gonna loose the opportunity to raised and make the perfect pet to accompany you during your adventure on seal online.

And also you can (if we have no money (cegel)) sell that good option BGM, and Jewelery on the market in town (by opening seller kiosk on your basic skill) with a good prize of course, so you earn your first big cegel. Please DO NOT SELL that Good item things and Jewelery on the street merchant because if you sell it on her, you will lost your opportunity to get big cegel wkwkwkkw.

This is my first way to earn big Cegel on the game beside i am always collecting all of the garbage dropped by the bale to sell it on the street merchant to buy my potion (blood) at one blow. Alwyas remember that you have to always collecting all the garbage to earn cegel for your existing in the game. Ok, after i Got my BGM and Jewelery, i sell it on the market. After that i am continuing my leveling there until level 20.

After reach 20 i do my first quest to the lower central mission in town (i Chose Elim) to increase my reputation by surrendering the 300 hardshell that i have got before and get Vandal reputation. After that i deviated slightly from my guidance to the Travia Valley hunting Cranky Rooster seek for chicken costume for my next character clown/jester. Do you know why? Because i am start over again from the earlier beginning with no cegel at all to buy anything on the market, so i have to re applied it again to my self as my explanation above.

Got that things, then i move to the Upstream of Mimir River hunting for Flying Pig seek for Batwings which is also important to increase our attack speed. You can Imagine how hard this little craftsman job to support and build my jester hahaha... that's why craftsman is also very important character in all of my ID because of its many useful function. If this craftsman has reach a certain level, it can help you to make or refine your armours, weapons, or accessory such BGM, Necklace to a premium class G/DG/XG.

Ok back to the topic, After i got both of them, i am moving back again to the midstream of mimir river. Hunting for Happy Bah Bah, Gloomy Humbug, Crow, Forest Ogre, Traveling Cat in Boots, Glora and Flora to seek for Ruby, Crystal, necklace crow for my jester, piya egg to sell, who knows if i am lucky get the very rare cats boots wkwkkw, 4 leaf clover, mithril and also Eye ball. That last three things is for my next quest on level 46 to increase my reputation from vandal to recruit. Why i keep doing this hunting method on this area until level 46 instead of moving as i have describe here? The Answer is because i need to earn and raise my cegel for my existing on the game in my new ID. And on this hunting spot is more easy to get the ruby and crystal, and also collecting garbage for my high level quest on Zaid town.

On Level 46, i goes to Zaid Town to take jobs on high level quest manager by surrendering the Eyes item which i got from the crow only. There are many item you can choose to surrender on the quest, such as Bones from skullo at the clement mine, titanium from golden plunger in the west laymok forest, mithrill and 4 leaf clover from forest ogre, steel plate from steel golem on the ends land. That is my favorite item for Quest. You dont have to hunt for that items if you have cegel, just buy it from the market, and complete that quest until you got reputation to recruit.

The Conclusion :

On this article post i teach and guide you how to fast leveling, earn cegel and also having easy raise character reputation in one shoot from level 10 to level 46.

About how to reach Greenhorn reputation, i will posted again on the next time. See you all, i hope this teach and guidance is useful for your succeeded on the first step.

Tha thaa
Love Seal^^


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