Friday, 29 January 2010

NPC Berner Quest (Successor Quest)

Hi meet again in my new post. Today i want to share about Berner Quest. As you have following my guidance on the last post, now you are on level 46 already or more, its time for us to take this quest to increase our reputation on seal online. I recommended you to take this Quest first before you take the 4 heroes quest, because this quest is close related with 4 heroes quest as this quest continued with Successor Quest the Major part of the Trail of heroes quest and Bale disappearance quest.

Ok lets we start. First we go to the Citizen Militia resort on the Silon forest (look at coordinate B7 and B8 on the map in silon forest. Meet NPC Berner. Before you meet him you must bring one bottle of vodka (you can buy it from Merchant Vodka near him, and give to him. Then he will started to tell you that he is on going made a poem about history of light and darkness, and ask you to help him to ask on everybody around the resort about Duran where about.

Take that Quest and we begin to help him. Got the quest already? Here is the steps to do that Quest.

1. Go to Citizen Militia resort house, meet with NPC Elston. Click on him ask about Duran. Click again and there will be 8 options, click all options so you will know about the story and finally ask why Duran left Militia and you got Elston story (see on your inventory).

2. After Got Elston story, go to NPC Prell choose all option until you got Prell story.

3. Got that 2 stories, back to NPC Berner again, delivered / tell him these stories.

4. Back again to the Resort house again, go directly to the right wing of the house there is a Q sign called blood stain Q. Click on it, after the remarks appear, go to the NPC Sohn ask him about the blood stain until you got Sohn Story.

5. Back to NPC Berner again to delivered the story.

6. After delivered the story, go back again to NPC SOHN asked him who else known about Duran. He will tell you there's a Gypsies in the middle of cave.

7. After you hear about that, you Go to the NPC Collins (beside NPC Berner) click option no 2, and choose no 2 again sweetly talk with him and steal the pass document.

8. After you got the document then go to the house again to meet NPC Graham/Greynum in Seal Indonesia, click on him ask about Duran. Click on Him again and ask Duran again, tell him that you are writing a poem and you will get the Story from him. Click again on him tell him that you want to go to the cave in southern of citizen militia. After you got the permit pass, back again to the NPC Berner, to deliverer the story.

9. Now its time to enter the cave. The cave location is nearby the NPC Berner. Click the NPC Guard, show him the pass and you will enter the cave by click on the warp.

10. Inside the cave take the right street first, at the first left branch we take turn left, and follow the street until you found water/ flood on the street, following that way and on the 2nd left street we turn left, go straight until passing the first left branch, and turn left on the second left branch and you will find a square field with warp on the middle of it called save area.

11. At the save area you will find NPC Dark Hair Kid. Click on him, ask about Duran. But he asked you to bring the head of warrior of darkness out side the save area. So you get out from save area and kill one of that warrior of darkness, got the head and surrender it to the kid inside the save area.

12. Click on the kid again to surrender it, and click again choose all option until you got the SUCCESSOR QUEST.

13. After you got the SUCCESSOR QUEST, now its time for you to go meet NPC ARUS at the TAVERN/BAR in the Elim town. After you found him, click on him asked about the boy. Chose i want the truth and you will get Q from him Letter to be sent to the boy.

14. Go back again to the cave. Before you enter the cave its better for you to surrender the boy story to the NPC Berner, and tell him that there is no more stories, and tou will get 590 Fame reputation, Congratz.

15. Ok lets we enter the cave and meet the boy. He will admit that he is Yesod the 9th ELIM. Continue to click on him, choose all option until you get Galadriel's name.

16. Back to NPC ARUS, choose complete the Quest, first choose discuss Yesod and you will get the Lion Crest Emoticon (see on your emoticon on skill tab).
After that clisk on him again, and you will get fame again and finish the Successor Quest. Congratulation.

Now its time for you to go back again to Yesod, tell him Arus Thanks and you will earn extra Fame reputation again.

Ok all, until here first, meet me again on my next post article. Tha thaa..

Love SEAL^^


AbankZuya said...

yo craftman mu apa.....kok gk pernah OL pake Jester lagi sih....saya tunggu pelajaran berikutnya

another story from me said...

dmana dikau kk
lama tak jumpa dengan mu apa kabarnya

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

@Abang Zuya, main dimana nih maksudnya? Di seal Indo apa USA? Aku di USA sekarang soalnya ga bisa main sealindo sekarang. ID craftmannya liat aja di gambarnya di clik deh wkwkkwkw.

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

@Willy, aku baik-baik aja kok Will, sering sih dateng kesana tapi kok IP kita ditolak melulu ya sama provider kamu. Pas aku di Hongkong pake Hongkong baru bisa masuk wkwkkwkw

Anonymous said...

ko gw ga dpt document dr collin y?!

Anonymous said...

ko gw ga bs dpt documentny y?! pas ngmng sm collinny?!

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

@Anonymous, kk udah ikutin semua blom step2nya? Klo udah pasti bisa. Sebelum ke collins ke sohn lagi tanya ada orang lain ga yang tau dimana duran ok? Baru setelah itu ke collins. Coba deh.... Goodluck...

Anonymous said...

jelasin jalan di dlm gua silon nya donk pake b indo...
mslhnya susah klo gramarnya ky gt...
jd bingung...

Yogi Prasetiya said...

cra dpetin liaon crest emtoicon gmna ya kk,,
punya sya klo g slah kebuang ..
mau quest dimensioan jdi ga bisa.. tolong ya kk..


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