Saturday, 30 January 2010

Militia Member Quest

Hi meet again in this new post article. I believe that you have already following my last guidance in here about leveling from level 10 to 46, and  here about successor quest.  Now lets we continuing that quest, today i want to share about How to become militia member. Since this quests are interrelated with each other, so i recommended you to following my guidance step by step on above, before we go to the 4 hero quest on my next post, Otherwise you can not finish the whole major part of the Bale's Disappearance Quest where all of the quests that i have shared before are the parts of it. Ok lets we start now.

First we go to the Lime, and enter the militia home base to meet NPC Janet. Ask her that you want to become militia member. And she will tell you to meet NPC Jack beside her. Click on him and tell him your request, and he will give you the quest to meet NPC Cordelia on the Crude Dungeon.

I am hoping that you we're a;ready knew where is the NPC Cordelia location on the dungeon. If you do not know, hmm well, how am i explaining to you? Ok here's the clue. As you enter the dungeon, just walking straight follow the road, as you see the first right turn, then you turn right, follow again the road until you find first left turn. Turn left there, walk a few walk and turn left again. Go straight until end of the road and turn left, there you go NPC. Cordelia location is in front of a big stone in the center of dungeon.As you found her, click on her, and she will give you the return quest to give to NPC Jack again.

While you are still in this area i recommended you to a little bit walk again behind her, found the NPC Crushed Flower. Why? Its create considerable added value i guess to increase our reputation since reputation is important for our character. Walk behind NPC Cordelia, found the first right turn, and turn right, there is NPC Crushed flower, click on it until you get the quest (as usual see it on your inventory), and give it back to NPC Cordelia and you got fame. Its easy isn't it?

Ok, finished all of that two things, now its time for us to going back to the militia home base, meet NPC Jack again. Click on him, surrender the return quest, and you are now become militia member, Congratulation.

Ok lets we continue again with a little step to increase our reputation again. Here we go, click again on NPC Jack, asked him for job, and he will give you a job to deliver a letter to his brother NPC Azen on the Silon Militia Resort. I guess you are already known where is Silon Militia resort is as i already explain on my last post. On there, you find NPC Azen, delivered the letter and he will give you the reply letter to NPC Jack again. Now we go back to meet NPC Jack again, and you will earn extra fame again from NPC Jack, Congratulation.

Ok today guidance is over i have to go for Saturday night eve, see you on my next post article again, tha thaa.

Love SEAL^^



Dhana/戴安娜 said...

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~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

@ Dhana, makasih yaa sukses juga buat sobatku..

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

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Follow Sekalian.. :)

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~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

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