Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Character Status Arrange on Seal Online

Hello friends, meet me again. Today topic is about how to arranged and fill your character status. Well, as i already i posted here about jobs and type of character, each of character has it own unique ability. Now lets me share about it one by one.

After you done following steps as i describe here, I recommended you to get more attention on this status first, not the skill status, because sometimes on the skill level arrangement need more then 3 point to increasing the skill level. And the other more, this status arrangement is needed to meet requirement on your weapons, accessories, costume, etc as i have tell you about my story and experiences on playing sealonline here.

On that story, you will see that i didn't use and wearing good equipment such that above. That's why hereby i only shared based on ordinary character, not a supper character which is using G/DG/XG equipment, after all why we must using that super/premium equipment if our character is still on the lower level? Not worth at all i think.

Ok Back to the topic, As you know, if our character has finished one level/level up, we gain 3 point in our character status and 3 point in our character skill, since each jobs has its unique ability, here's the guide line that you must to know.

Status is base on 6 items, STR (Strength), AGI (Agility), INT (Magic Power), VIT (Vitality), WISH (Wishdom), and LUK (Lucky). In the beginning the default setting is all 5. STR mean is your power to attack for job Knight, Warrior, Craftman, AGI mean accurate to hit the target (useful for Knight, Warrior, Craftman) , INT mean is Magic Power to attack also for job Cleric, Magician, Clown/Jester), VIT mean your blood/Hp level, WISH usually used for Cleric, Mage, and craftman, LUK used for Craftman.

Here is my recommendation :
For Job Knight and Warrior, each time you got level up, the way you fill is 2:1, 2 for the STR, 1 for the AGI, because your equipment requirement is based on the STR and AGI. And if you want to have a better vitality, every 10 level up fill with as AGI 1, STR 1, VIT 1.

For Job Clown/Jester.
As my experience, i only guided based on the equipment requirement first. Because clown in the earlier level need STR and AGI until you got level 60, then you can determine you want to based on STR or INT. The best is you are based on the INT on the medium level (above 60) for maximum performance. If You want to change to INT Based after level 60, just go to the NPC Morpis to reset all of your status or skill. But, if you want to use INT for your based status, then you will always need cleric for leveling, because whenever you hit the momon (monster) it will be miss at all, thats why you need cleric to give you AGILITY.

For Craftman, i recommended you to use my recommendation for knight and warrior, but dont forget to meet your equipment requirement first, if not, you can't change your next level equipment.

For Magician, please pay attention on your INT and WISH only to meet your equipment requirement.

And the last for the Cleric, you must pay attention on STR, INT and WISH to meet your equipment requirement.

And final words, for Clown/Jester, Magician, and Cleric job, after completion level 60, i suggest you to reset your status, and wearing better equipment G Class only for your best performance based on your type of characters on its G Class.

Ok, see you on my next post again.. thaa...
Love SEAL^^


Michael L said...

nice info :)
i think..
use Xg is batter if you have enough money :)

Rival Aditya said...

info yg bgus kawan.... lanjutkan

AmruSite said...

lanjutkan juga... hihii

kluwan dot com said...

Ucapan terima kasihku buat bintang mohon diterima.
maaf terpaksa menulis di kolom komentar karena dari hari kemarin saaya masuk chat with me tidak bisa.
(gak tahu kenapa selalu di tolak / error. )
Terima kasih sekali lagi dan mohon maaf sekali lagi.

Rival Aditya said...

wah blom ada post bru sob...

cari backlink ach...

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

Thank you my friend. Your comment is important for me.


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