Sunday, 13 December 2009


Hello friends, i guess maybe you don't realize what is change today on my website / blog. Now i will tell you what is the change that i had made. Today post is nothing to do with Sealonline topic. This post is just an announcement for all of my friends and visitor that i have change my url. From today, my url was changed to
I know the consequences, by using the new url i get lost all of my PR from 3 to zero (0), my alexa is become a huge numbers again, but i have to do this for a new atmosphere, in the next step for my blogging to give me such a new spirit again.

By this announcement i kindly asking for all of my friends who has linked me to your blog or website please be kind enough to change my old url to this new url. I need your support and cooperations. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

For Google and Baidu and all of the search engine, i am asking for apologize to bother you for changing my url, i hope you understand.

Best Regards


lina@happy family said...

Congratulations on your new home, Bintang! Waktu mampir tadi sambil ngantuk2, jadinya ngga 'sadar' kalau udah ada yang beda...

Mich" said...

semoga suksses bos :)
semoga lancar terus nih web :)

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

@Lina, @ Mitch Makasih yaa mudah-mudahan sukses buat kalian juga Semangat terus yaa.

Rival Aditya said...

semoga bsa sukses slalu sob...



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