Sunday, 27 December 2009

Seal Online Leveling Guide

Hi all, before i am going to have vacation on New Year eve with my children and husband who will come here on 29 Desember 2009, i think i have to share another of my experience again because i will go away during New year eve. Today i want to share about leveling up again during i am playing sealonline. And its for all classes on Sealonline.

This is the way that i used to be when i am leveling up from the beginning, and this is the fast and best leveling that i known and experienced since. So many of my friends are using this guidance, but now its up to you if you want to follow or not.

I Hope before you read this article, pls make sure that you have been reading my earlier post regarding this leveling guide here. On that article you will find how to fast leveling from level 0 - 10 and include the reputation from baby to brute.

If you have read it, this is the steps that i will share. Pls pay attention on this guiding and follow step by step on the monster name, i already sorted it as the approximately your level ability and equipment (Normal +6 Non Premium G/DG/XG).

Level 1-10 Q buku (Book Quest)

Level 10-16 Silon Forest
beating red plumber only.

Level 16-30 Midstream mimir river
beating Happy Bah Bah, Gloomy Humbug, Crow, Forest Ogre, Traveling Cat in Boots, Glora and Flora.

Level 30-35 Travia Mountain
beating Samba Cactus, Conceited Ostrich, Sandy Windy, Meow-magician

Level 35-40 Travia Mountain
beating Conceited Ostrich

Level 40-45 Travia Mountain
beating Sandy windy, meo magician

Level 45-50 Cross Lake
beating Saloa, White Stiff Horse. Do not Mr. cat fish and Gun!!!

Level 50-55 East Sealed island
beating (Giant) Red Plumber, (Naive) Succubus, (Naive) Incubus

Level 55-60 East Sealed island
beating Saloa, Peroa.

Level 60-65 you can go to Herkaus forest or Lake Cross again.

Herkaus Forest beating Head of Dullahan, Body of Dullahan, Succubus, Incubus Kinbara, and Dullahan.
Cross Lake beating Mr.Catfish and Gun.

Level 65-70 (West sealed island)
beating Warrior Kinbara, Sergeant Scorpy, (Land Type) High Nixie, Violent Sandy Windy.

Level 70-80 You can go to Downstream of Glasis River or Sealed Island cave in west of sealed island

Downstream of Glasis River beating Queen Meroa, Solar, Fanatic High Nixie, Bubble Dragon.

West Sealed Island cave beating Mutated Aleph, Abuca, and Broken Railor.

Level 80-95 you can go to Aleph dungeon / Downstream of Glasis River

Aleph Dungeon 1st floor beating Platinum Plumber, Cankura, Creepy Humbug, TNT Skullo, and Ghost Midnight

Aleph Dungeon 2nd floor beating Ghost Midnight, Sphin-x-cor, Chainsaw Zombie, Knight of All-Evil (KOE). You must finished the sephia grandma and Eoow in the zaid town. About this quest i will give you later on my next post.

Downstream of Glasis River beating Rayshark the 3rd, Bubble Dragon, Giant Octopus, Lizzard Man, Crack Crab.

Level 95-110 Cross Forest (Hutan Cross)
beating Wood Wood, Gariel, Mariel, and Holy Cow.

Level 110-120 7 Dimension Zone (7 Dimensi)
On this place you have to finish the 7 dimension quest first. If you not finished yet, you can't enter the zone. About the quest it self, i will posted later on my next post.

From this level above, i hope that you have already using a premium class weapons, armor and accessories, because from this level its begin the hard step for beating the monster. Please use minimal G degree, very good if DG or best at XG wkwkkwkw.

Level 120-130 Death Forest (hutan Kematian)and catacombs (kuburan) 1st,2nd,3rd floor
For Knight i think you better go to the Cross Forest again to fight against Cross Gear. But remember you have to beat OHM first to enter. Ask help from your friends to open the OHM.

Level 130-140 East Red soil From Elim Town.

Level 140-150 West Red soil and North Poibus

Level 150-160 South poibus

Level 160-180 Sikara Valley / Lembah sikara

Level 180-190 Dungeon of death / Gua kematian 1st floor

Level 190-210 Dungeon of death / Gua kematian 2nd floor

Level 210-251 Anastassys.
For go to the Anastassys you must take the quest first. About this quest, i will post later on my new post.

Ok guys and gal, i hope this guidance will help you for fast level up, happy trying, see you on my next post. Tha thaa...


Kyuuri said...

mi selamat natal n tahun baru 2010 yah, GBU :D

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

wkwkwkwk makasih Rii, tapi aku ga ngerayain Natal kok hahhaha Met tahunn baru juga yaa salam buat anak-anak disana..

Iqbal said...

keren sob postingannya...sob just my advice yaaa...lebih keren lagi nih kalau form komennya diembed di bawah entri/postingan. Kalau memang ada maslah mungkin templatenya gak support form komen diembed di bawah entri, bisa tuh sobat baca2 postingn saya di: SINI. The last GoOd Luck 4 you, keep posting~

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

@ Iqbal makasih atas sarannya, aku coba yaa nanti.

OEN-OEN said...

wah g hobi maen game seal ini nih, he..

OEN-OEN said...

yah bukan gamer seal nih, hehe

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

@Oen-Oen haha, cobain deh seru kok wkwkkw

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