Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My Story

Hello all of my friends, here i came again, this time i will tell and share with you about my story and my experiences in SealOnline Indonesia especially.

While I feel the longing here for you all, I wanted to share my personal experience during playing of this game, since the year 2006.

At first I never knew / know about the game online at all. The first time who playing this game is my husband Arnold. I'm just surprised to see him really play at home until the morning sometimes.

Then I saw he liked to chat with each woman in the game, this makes me jealous eh?. My husband had to explain that is not necessarily be jealous, because not all of female character in this game is a real women, many men who wear female character in this game. But, I did not believe it at all.

Then I tried to get to know this game, I have ask him to teach me, and finally been taught how to play. So finally I can play in this game, and I began my self adventure experiences in this game continuing my husband character Knight BlackJackal until level 110, from level 90.

But I feel uncomfortable using it because its a kind of slow character level up. Then when there is additional patching Madelin town, my husband makes a female character named Bitangnarondang job profession Clown. It should be Bintangnarondang, but at that time it is not sufficient number of letters, so it should be minus one, and here we go it will be Bitangnarondang.

Firstly Bitangnarondang was created just to sell at the market in elim city, so only been created up to level 10 just because it's not made for hunting. But somehow I feel enjoy with that character. Slowly I began to try that job profession, and i felt a special favor to the character, because the level rises very quickly did not feel was up to 110 levels also wow, I was shocked, because I only play that clown for one week hihihii.

As time goes by, did not seem Bitangnarondang has reached the level of 165, then my husband started to give me decent equipment (XG) Good Pet, etc hihiihi. It was entirely without good Equip alias no G at all before, moreover XG wkkwkwkw. He said when at that level, for hunting I much needed good equipment that adequate, because the monster is beyond our based power if we just use regular equipment.

Well it makes me more spirit eh, I finally speed up my hunting until level 210 + + hihihi. Ok Guys and gal until here first, i must go to sleep, see you again on my next story.... buubbyeee... miss you all..............


NURA said...

salam friend
nice post.
I like visit your blog.

thank for visit me
I follow you.

please take AWARD,,for you in "share AWARD by NURA" my blog NURANURANIKU.

~*Bintang-Narondang*~ said...

Hi Nura Thanks also for your nice comment here, i am happy to have a friend like you from Indonesia also. Thanks for the nice award, i will ask Morika how to take it hihihi....


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